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The undersigned hereby request confidential information, currently and from this time forward, on businesses:                                   

located at:

I/We hereby acknowledge that Francois Wang Inc. first provided such information to me. I/We hereby agree, for a period of ONE year from this date with the following items: 

1. Not to divulge knowledge of the disclosed Business being for sale, nor provide any information to others, except those specifically involved in the transaction itself. 

2. To conduct ALL further dealings, negotiations or inquiries into the Business listed below exclusively through the office of Francois Wang Inc. and will confirm not to contact the business owners, employees, agents, customers, competitors, suppliers or landlord, except through the intermediary of Francois Wang Inc..

3. That all information provided is sensitive and confidential, and that disclosure to others may be harmful to the Business, the owners (Seller) and to Francois Wang Inc. and I/We further agree that I/We will not use any of the confidential information pertaining to the business shown to go into competition with the business.

4. Not to circumvent or interfere with Francois Wang Inc. rights and contract with the Seller in any way.  

5. I/We further acknowledge that all information and materials provided are supplied by the Seller, and are not verified in any way by broker or his agents, therefore makes no representations or warranties, expressed of implied, regarding the information provided to you. If legal, accounting or tax advice is desired, consult with the appropriate professionals.

In the normal course the Vendor will be responsible for the payment of the commission to Francois Wang Inc.. However, in the event that I or my nominee intend to purchase any of the said businesses within ONE year from the date herein directly with the Vendor, or through another agency, and not through the intermediary of Francois Wang Inc. as aforesaid, I agree to pay a commission of 10% of the total sale price to Francois Wang Inc., upon the signing of the deed of sale.  I/WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I/WE RECEIVED AN EXACT COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT I/WE HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY AND FULLY UNDERSTAND IT AND ACCEPT THE TERMS HEREIN. I/WE FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT A FACSIMILE COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT AND ANY SIGNATURES SHALL BE CONSIDERED FOR ALL PURPOSES AND INTENT AS LEGAL AND BINDING ORIGINALS:  THE PARTIES DECLARE THAT THEY HAVE REQUESTED, AND DO HEREBY CONFIRM THEIR REQUEST, THAT THE PRESENT NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT AND APPLICATION OF BUSINESS BE IN ENGLISH. LES PARTIES DÉCLARENT QU’ILS ONT EXIGÉ ET PAR LES PRÉSENTES CONFIRMENT LEUR DEMANDE QUE CE CONTRAT SOIT RÉDIGE EN ANGLAIS